Footprint Trail


If you decide to travel on the trail, at first it is necessary to register at the Visitor Center

/ 13 km, 6 hr, pedestrian, difficulty: average /

Main attractions: panoramic views, sceneries of Kvabiskhevi canyon, Mariamtsminda church

The trail starts in theLikani River valley near theLikani guard shelter, where visitors come across rare species of yew, included in the Red List;Yew has the longest life among the European trees. We come across 800-1000 years-old yew trees. After 2 km you will meet the national park map (930 above sea level) where the serpentine path goes along a mountain slope. The ascent continues approximately 3 hr on Nikoloz Romanov trail and then turns to #6 Nakvalevi trail with beautiful panoramic views. The scenery continues for an hour and then the route goes down to Kvabiskhevi valley by a steep descent, which starts 2 km from the #6 trail. The trail is relatively hard. The descent continues for 40 min followed by the beautiful scenery of theKvabiskhevi valley. TheKvabiskhevi valley is very beautiful in any season, and is distinguished by its biodiversity. At the end of the trail you will find picnic and camping places. Overnight is possible in tents. The village is 1 km away from the trail where you will have the opportunity to purchase local natural products.

Tentative schedule:

Day 1: Likani guard station – Kvabiskhevi guard station 13 km. on average 6 hr

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