Okatse Canyon



Okatse Canyon Natural Monument is located in village Gordi, Khoni municipality, Imereti region.

Visitor centre: Village Gordi

Okatse Canyon 2-3 hour pedestrian route passes through Dadiani historical forest, 780 m length hanging trail and finishes with panoramic view.

Entrance fee

  • Tickets under 6 years old children free.
    Notice: While visiting Okatse Canyon Natural Monument, visitor height must be more than 1m and 20 sm.

  • Ticket from 6 to 18 years old people - 5.50 GEL

  • Ticket for Georgian citizens and residents, except people under 18 - 9.20 GEL
    You should have ID with you!

  • Ticket for other citizens, except people under 18 - 17.25 GEL

  • During pupils or students visit period of time, one school or college teacher has a free visit for free

  • Guides of tourist agencies are allowed to visit the territory for free in the case os signed agreement between the tourist agency and Agency of Protected Areas for free

Additional offer:

  • Civil marriage signing ceremony: 100 Gel

You can enjoy tours the whole year-round. The active season lasts from April to November

Working hours: 10:00- 17:30

Working days: every day

Due to visitors' safety walking isn’t allowed in rainy and snowy weather.

For more information, please contact

Tamar Kirtadze, Visitor Service Specialist
Tel: 595 03 60 47; E-mail: samegrelo.okatse@gmail.com

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