Kazbegi National Park Administration

/ Established in 1976 /

Director: Otar Tsamalaidze
Tel: 577 961 188
Facebook: Kazbegi National Park Administration
Address: 62 Vazha-Pshavela St., Lower Stepantsminda

Kazbegi National Park is located in historic valley of north slopes of Caucasus Mountains. Kazbegi NP total area is 78 543,4 ha. Only 35% on the park is covered by forest and the rest is alpine pastures, morenes, snow-covered peaks and impregnable rocks. These rocks and mountains are native areas for lots or rare and unique species of animals and birds. Kazbegi National Parks is characterized with high mountains and its lowest point is at an altitude of 1,400 meters

Despite the lack of tourism infrastructure, Kabegi National Perk is one of the most visited places among the protected areas of Georgia. The building of Kazbegi NP administrative and visitors center will start in 2014 and will offer comprehensive services to its visitors.


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