2. Mamkoda Medium Loop
















  • Total length: 38 კმ;
  • Surface: 8 km asphalt, 30 km dirt road;
  • Difficulty: medium, for those who are capable of going uphill. 

The loop starts from the central starting point and on a medium difficulty uphill goes toward Tskhvarichamia Village. The first 8 km of the road from the starting point, which is the territory of Tbilisi National Park old administration building, until Lelubani turn coincides with the main highway of Tbilisi-Tianeti. Near Lelubani turn, where there is a sign, the asphalt is replaced with a dirt road and the bike route turns right.    

From Lelubani turn the medium difficulty 4.5 km uphill goes toward the first overpass.  In  1 km from the turn we coome across a crossroad: on the right, on the village road  in a few meters there are ruins of St. George Church and there is a spring nearby. From Lelubani turn the medium difficulty 4.5 km uphill goes toward the first overpass.  

The height of the overpass is 1460 m and the trail goes downhill from here. After passing 3 km from the highest point of the trail, it ends up at a small hay field called Shvindadzes from where you can see the Ialno Range and Martkopi Monastery. The next 2.5 km is downhill again, followed by 1 km medium difficulty uphill leading toward fifth century monastery of Martkopi. You can find picnic tables and water here. From the road of Village Norio panoramic views of Tbilisi open up. 

After passing 5 km downhill from the monastery the trail reaches the northern part of Village Norio (last 1 km is a medium difficulty uphill). From here 6 km trail turns right and with a difficult uphill goes toward the top of Mamkoda mountain.

On the way there is a crossroad, the right side of which descends toward Village Lelubani. (do not turn here). After passing 1.5 km straight there is one more crossroad and here as well, withouth turning the trail continues straight uphill toward Mamkoda mountain top. There is water sign in 200 m from the crossroad. After passing 300 m from the sign you will come across a spring. 

The height of the overpass is 1,460m and from the top of Mamkoda mountain you can see beautiful views of Tbilisi. There are picnic tables here and you can take rest. From Mamkoda the trail leads straight to the Mamkoda Monastery. We come across a crossroad. On the right side, after passing 50 m there is Mamkoda Monastery, where it is possible to take rest and get drinking water. While on the left side the trail goes downhill, toward the starting point. On this section we come across yet another crossroad and from here the route leads back to Mamkoda Mountain. The downhill flattens near Gldaniskhevi River and after crossing it the trail ends where it started. 

Hypsometric Map