Tsalka (Dashbash) Canyon Natural Monument

Tsalka (Dashbash) Canyon Natural Monument

Talka (Dashbashi) Canyon is now open for visitors


Attractions: Tsalka (Dashbash) Canyon Natural Monument is a canyon carved by Ktsia (Khrami) River in the stream bed cut through the volcanogenic rocks of Dashbash volcanic plateau, distinguished by its rarity and biodiversity. It is located at 1,110-1,448 m above sea level. The vegetation cover of the surrounding ecosystem is rather sparse, whereas the plants on the steep slopes of the canyon and astounding waterfalls create absolutely different micro-landscape, with characteristic micro-climate, specific fauna etc.  

How to get there: the nearest populated area is a village of Dashbash of Tsalka Municipality, which is linked to the town of Tsalka with a 3 km gravel road and 10 minutes by car. The area is 92 km  and 1 hr and 40 min away from Tbilisi. The distance from Algeti National Park to Dashbash Canyon is 42 km, which is 50 minutes drive. 

Visitor Center: Visitors have the opportunity to get comprehensive information about the rules of use of the infrastructure in the Tsalka Canyon, as well as to plan routes, buy tickets, souvenirs, etc.

Coordinates: X: 42 77 71 Y- 46 03 794.
Starting point: C.g. 41° 36.235''
a.g. 44° 06.685'
z.d. 1448 m.
Last point: C.g. 41° 33.458'
a.g. 44° 07.262'
z.d. 1110 m.

Total area: 669 hectares

Trails: There is a 1.8 km long trail in the area, which starts from the visitor center and enters the canyon valley, near the waterfall. It takes about an hour to walk to and from the waterfall via the trail, however you can take advantage of the specially designated vehicles that will provide transportation for you if desired.

Overnight stay: There are no hotels or guesthouses in the vicinity of the area. 

Contact information: Tsalka Canyon Administration

Visitor Center: +995 0322 880 505

Service Specialist: Ekaterine Usanetashvili Tel: 577 57 11 18

Email: info@kassland.com

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