Dashbash Canyon Natural Monument

Dashbash Canyon Natural Monument

Attractions: Dashbash Canyon Natural Monument is a canyon carved by Ktsia (Khrami) River in the stream bed cut through the volcanogenic rocks of Dashbash volcanic plateau, distinguished by its rarity and biodiversity. It is located at 1,110-1,448 m above sea level. The vegetation cover of the surrounding ecosystem is rather sparse, whereas the plants on the steep slopes of the canyon and astounding waterfalls create absolutely different micro-landscape, with characteristic micro-climate, specific fauna etc.  

How to get there: the nearest populated area is a village of Dashbash of Tsalka Municipality, which is linked to the town of Tsalka with a 3 km gravel road and 10 minutes by car. The area is 92 km  and 1 hr and 40 min away from Tbilisi. The distance from Algeti National Park to Dashbash Canyon is 42 km, which is 50 minutes drive. 

Coordinates: X: 42 77 71 Y- 46 03 794.
Starting point: C.g. 41° 36.235''
a.g. 44° 06.685'
z.d. 1448 m.
Last point: C.g. 41° 33.458'
a.g. 44° 07.262'
z.d. 1110 m.

Total area: 669 hectares

Overnight stay: There are no hotels or guesthouses in the vicinity of the area. 

Visitors Service Specialist – Salome Kobaidze Tel: 595 08 60 80
e-mail: salo.kobaidze@gmail.com

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