Managed Reserve Info

The category of managed nature reserve did not exist in Georgia until 1996. At that time, state forest and hunting farms were created that were governed by the Main Administration of Protected Areas, Strict Nature Reserves and Hunting Farms of Georgia.  The first hunting farm was created in 1957 in the Gardabani district. Managed nature reserves were created in 1997, according to the Law on Animals, on the basis of forest and hunting farms.

Currently, at managed nature reserves, where previously forest and hunting farms existed, hunting farms have been established based on the use of special licenses.  These are Gardabani, Iori, Chachuna and Korughi Managed Reserves. It is allowed to conduct special restorative and maintenance measures on the territory of a managed nature reserve. It is also permitted to use certain renewable resources under strict supervision and control. At the moment, there are 19 managed nature reserves in Georgia, the total area of which is 59.857 thousand hectares.

Managed Reserves: