Black Grouse Waterfall


/ 9.5 km, 3 – 5 hr, pedestrian, difficulty: average /

The trail goes from the visitor center along the untouched broad-leaved forest, in the direction of the ShromaRiver valley. We come across unique hornbeam stands (400-600 m above sea level) which are rather rare in the Caucasus. This is followed by mixed beech stand (hornbeam, Ash, lime, maple, elm, chestnut, etc.). Surrounded by magic flavors and mystery we cross the Shromaiskhevi River and go along the left slope of Ninigori mountain through a narrow path, which overlooks a noisy river, small waterfalls and huge rubble, which lay motionlessly in the depths of the valley. At the end, a mass of water flows between stunning noise, spray, rainbow and huge green rocks and creates the 6 m high Rocho waterfall. From time to time, visitors come across roe, deer, and wild boar.


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