Tsablnari (Chestnut forest) Trail











/ 7 km, 1 day, pedestrian, difficulty: easy /

The trail is between 265 - 442 meters above sea level. It starts from the visitor center in Chakvistavi, which is located in the planned buffer zone. It is a walking path and has educational and entertainment purposes. It passes through two important sites, the waterfall and the lake. The underwood with cherry laurel, Colchic box trees and various types of ivies all contribute to the beauty of the pathway.

The trail runs along the beautiful gorge of the Chakvistskali River. 2 kilometres from the visitor center, there is a 15 m high waterfall covered in ivy and Colchic box trees. A designated camping area is located near the waterfall, in the midst of wild nature. A river flows between the rocks and forms into a whirlpool. The river has an abundance of trout. There are also designated picnic spots and fire pits near the river bank.

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