Kolkheti National Park

Hotel Park Green

Address: st. Poti, Guria Street # 181a.

(0493) 22 08 08;

(+995) 577 689 000;

(+995) 577 699 090;

(+995) 577 745 666

The hotel has 45 rooms: 4 suites, 1 apartment, 20 single and 20 double rooms.

A conference hall for 30 people is also for rent.
Parking for 50 cars. On the top floor, visitors will be greeted by a veranda and bar-restaurant with views of the sea and Lake Paliastomi.

Anaklia Tourist Shelter

Address: Churia, Anaklia

Contact person: Nino Gujabidze

Phone: +995 591 96 87 85

Price without food: 1 person - 15 GEL; For schoolchildren and students - 10 GEL;

Anaklia Tourist Shelter has 3 double beds, 2 single beds and can accommodate a total of 8 people. The bathrooms are furnished. The service does not include meals, however there is a cafeteria equipped with appropriate equipment. If desired, the visitor can use it.





Kolkheti National Park Visitor Center and Hotel Rooms

Kolkheti National Park Visitor Center

Address: st. Poti, Guria st. N222

contact person:


"Geo Palace 1" - hotel rooms in the visitor center

Price without food: 5 standard double rooms - 60 GEL, 1 semi-deluxe double room - 80 GEL, 2 deluxe rooms - 100 GEL.

The visitor center has 8 bedrooms - 4 of them on the second and 4 on the first floor - where a total of 16 people can be accommodated. The bathrooms are furnished. The hotel service does not include meals, however there is a cafeteria equipped with appropriate equipment. The visitor can use them if he wishes.


Hotel Paliastomi

Hotel Paliastomi
168 Bodreli Street, Poti
Contact Person: Irma Shulaia
Tel: (+995) 595 27 44 27; (+995) 555 56 26 23; (+995) 555 15 97 75
Price per night (inc. breakfast): 70 GEL

Hotel Paliastomi offers its visitors 38 comfortable rooms. The hotel’s bathrooms are in good repair.

Hotel Ankori

Hotel Ankori
22 Gegidze Street, Poti
Contact Person: Elizbar Rukhadze
Tel: +995 571 57 36 63
Price per night (inc. breakfast): 90 GEL

Hotel Ankori offers its visitors 20 comfortable rooms. The hotel’s bathrooms are in good repair.

Hotel "Kolkheti Inn"

Hotel "Kolkheti Inn"

Address: Grigoleti
Contact person: Zura Jibladze
Phone: +995 599 570717
Room price: 50 GEL

The hotel has 6 rooms, which can accommodate a total of 18 people. Each room has a separate bathroom. There is a cafeteria near the hotel.

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