Sataplia Managed Reserve is located in Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region, where the footprints of Herbivorous and Raptor dinosaurs of different epochs are found. Sataplia dinosaurs are called “Satapliazaurus” and are different from Europian dinosaurs.

Visitor Center: Village Banoja, Tskaltubo municipality

Easy pedestrian tourist routes are convenient for family travel and provide an opportunity to visit the conservation building of dinosaur footprints, exhibition hall, unique karst caves, Colchic Forest and the wild bee habitat area. A beautiful view of Imereti region overlooks from the glass panoramic construction.






Entrance fee:

  • Tickets under 6 years old children for free

  • Ticket from 6 to 18 years old people - 5.50 GEL

  • Ticket for citizens of Georgia and residents, except people under 18 years old - 8.00 GEL
    You should have an ID with you!

  • For foreigners, except people under 18 years old - 17.25 GEL

  • During pupils or students visit a period of time, one school or college teacher has a free visit for free

  • Guides of tourist agencies are allowed to visit the territory for free in the case os signed agreement between the tourist agency and Agency of Protected Areas for free


Ticket price includes guide service is in Georgian, English and Russian languages.


Ticket price includes guide service.

Guide service is in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

You can order:

  • VIP service: 1-10 persons – 100 Gel plus ticket price; 11-20 persons – 200 Gel plus ticket price.
  • Civil marriage signing ceremony: 100 Gel


You can enjoy tours whole year-round

Working hours: 10:00 - 17:00

Working days: every day 

Due to visitors' safety walking on panoramic view is not allowed in rainy and snowy weather.

For more information, please contact

Visitors Service Specialist: Mirza Kenchadze Tell: 595 08 60 59

e-mail: AYAMJP