White Cave Natural Monument

Sightseen: White color of melted white decorated in chalk limestone generated by 25 meters and 3.5 meters tall caves whose entrance 2 meter diameter vertical hole with a long, horizontal bottom of the hall. White color melted 25meters and 3,5 high cave, that’s entrance connects wide, horiznontal hall via 2 meters diameter vertical hole.

Cave by itself is interesting within its symphonic channels variety. Cave itself is favored with cure properties.  It is an important archeological site, where deer, bisson, fox, rabbits bones also ceramics remains had been obtained.

Location:  Tskaltubo Municipality, 1.6 km, 140 meters above sea level, Northern-Eastern part from Tskaltubo.

Coordinates: N42 19.769 E42 37.033

Access Road: Tskaltubo is the nearest settlement nearby natural monument. Distance between Tskaltubo and Tbilisi – 257 km, duration – 3 hours and 30 minutes. Tskaltubo –White Cave Natural Monument – 1.5 km, duration – 10 minutes. 

Guesthouses:  The most optimal option for overnight is staying at Tskaltubo or in Kutaisi, where visitors have an opportunity to stay at hotels.

Contact Information: Imereti Caves Protected Areas Administration

Jumber Leladze - 577 977272  

email info@apa.gov.ge