Biodiversity of Chachuna Managed Reserve



A diverse flora is represented in Chachuna Managed Reserve. Along the river IoriTugai type riparian forest is growing, and on the surrpounding hills and terraces there are fragments of arid light forests, semi-deserts and steppe plants.

The absolute dominant of riparian forests is quaking aspen. In small quantities are found grove oak, mastic tree and white willow.

In formation of arid light forests take part: mastic tree, some species of juniper (Juniperusoxycedrus,J. foetidissima, J. polycarpos), red hawthorn, oak, crab-apple, hackberries (Celtis). In the reiverside and in the wetlands reed and Arundo are spread.

Species from the “Red List” of Georgia

From rara and endangered species there are the Caucasian hackberries (Celtiscaucasica), mastic tree (Pistaceamutica), floodplain oak (Quercuspedinculiflora) and juniper (Juniperusfoetidissima).

Endemic species

From endemic species there are: Georgian iris (Iris iberica) and Eichlertulips  (Tulipaeichleri).


Fauna is represented by: 28 species of mammals, 80 birds, 14 reptiles, 4 amphibian and 8 species of fish.

From mammals there are: jackal, fox, rabbit, jungle cat, lynx, badger and boar.

There are many species of birds in Chachuna Managed Reserve: wilde pigeons, turtle-dove, falcon, hawk, magpie, partridge, Imperial eagle. The lomestone caves of Chachuniare the nests for gyps and fire-birds. The vulture lives in juniper trees. Chachuna Managed Reserve is the important habitat with the population of the most beautiful bird - Black francolin.

From reptiles here can be found Mediterranean tortoise and poisonous snake – Levantine viper.

In the river Iori some species of fish are represented, among them: catfish, mursa,  silver carp, varicorhinus, common barbel, shemaya, carp, barbel, gudgeon.

Insect group is also quite diverse: there are many grasshoppers, beetles, butterflies, ants, spiders and others.

Species from the “Red List” of Georgia

There are 10  rare and endangered species of birds inmChachuna Managed Reserve, there are: Imperial eagle, vulture, field eagle and others.

From big mammals here can be found: brown bear, lynx, otter and others.

Endemic species

In the Managed Reserve there are 24 species of small mammals, among them: a small forest mouse  (Sylvamusuralensis), the Caucasian forest mouse (Sylvaemusfulvipectus), Pontic forest mouse (Sylvaemusponticus), a house mouse (Musmusculus), field muose (Musmacedonicus), Black rat  (Rattusrattus).