Natural Monument

Natural Monument is a relatively small area of national importance, represented by ecosystems of rare, unique and highly aesthetic features, specific geographical and hydrological formations, and individual samples of plants or fossils of living organisms. Natural Monument can be a cave, a valley, river deltas, wood groves etc.

The first three Natural Monuments in Georgia were in Vashlovani Protected Areas in 2003: Alaznis Chala (the Alazani Floodplains 204.4 ha), Artsivis Kheoba (Eagle Gorge 100.4 ha) and Takhti-tepa (9.7 ha) with a total area of 314.5 ha. At present, there are 40 Natural Monuments, including 3 in Vashlovani Protected Areas, 5 in Kazbegi national Park, while 18 in Imereti Caves Protected Areas. The rest of 14 natural monuments which are not currently managed by the Agency of Protected Areas are located in Samegrelo region and municipalities of Adigeni, Tsalka, Tetritskaro, Tkibuli and Dusheti.

According to 2013 the total area of natural monuments is 2941.43 ha. AYAMJP