Biodiversity of Kobuleti Protected Areas



Ispani II (Kobuleti Managed Reserve) is a percolating domed swamp of universal importance, which nourishes  onlyby rainwater. The general background of the swamp is formed by peatmoeese: sphagnum species, the so-called “Imeretian sedge”, white rhynchispora (beak-sedge), the Caucasian rhynchospora, peat sedge, water clover, round-leaved  drosera and some others.

Most of these plants are of northern (boreal) origin,  they penetrated into Kolkheti in Quaternary glacial epochs.

In local peatbogs row Colchis plants: rhododendron, azalea, smilax and others.

Species from the “Red List” of Georgia

In Kobuleti Managed Reserve we can find rare and endangered royal fern (Osmundaregalis)


Kobuleti Protected areas are distinguished by the diversity of migratory bird species. These places are very rich in plant species. From mammals here are: jackal, otter, jungle cat, badger, nutria, rabbit, bushes vole, field mouse.

Amphibians: Caspian and marsh turtles, common toad, green toad, common Tree and others, and rptiles – water snake, snake, European legless lizard, striped lizard, common newt and others.

From fish hin canals can be found oike, carp, perch and river eel.

Species from the “Red List” of Georgia

From rare and endangered animals should be noted otter (Lutralitra). As for birds here can be found species included in the “Red List” of Georgia (5 species: Saviyaryati; mcirekirkita; beqobisarwivi; TeTrkudaarwivi; didimyivanaarwivi), as well as Europe-wide (28 species) rare and endangered species such as: golden merops, kingfishers, little commorant, yellow heron, ibis, black stork and others.

In addition, here are represented 7 species of endangered birds, for example: Valley Montagu’s Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, field lawping, great snipe, corncrake and others.