Snow Shoes Trail


If you decide to travel on the trail, at first it is necessary to register at the Visitor Center

15.5 km,  pedestrian, difficulty: average

Main attractions:  evergreen forests covered by snow and views of Lomistma

The trail starts and finishes atLikani guard station. The first day trail is 8 km long. The shelter gives the possibility to make a fire and you should have enough of a water supply for the overnight.

The next day trail goes through panoramic views along coniferous forest and runs down the settlement of Likani.

Tentative schedule:

Day 1: Likani guard station – Chitakhevi guard station 8 km, on average 6-7 hr.

Day 2:  Chitakhevi guard station - Likani guard station 7.5 km, on average 5-6 hr.

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