2. St. Andrew Trail

If you decide to travel on the trail, at first it is necessary to register at the Visitor Center

/ 54 km, 4 days, pedestrian and horse riding, difficulty: hard /

Main attractions: bezoar goat cage, mixed forest, highest peak of national park – Sametskhvario, Mountain Iron Cross, Colchic sub-tropical forest 

The trail starts at Atskuri guard station (1,000 m above sea level) and goes through the Amarati tourist shelter, Sametskhvario guard and Sakhvlari tourist shelter and ends at Marelisi guard station or vice versa.

Atskuri guard station is 27 km away from the National Park Visitor Center.

The length of the trail is 54 km. There are mixed coniferous, alpine and subalpine meadows and Colchic broad-leaved forests. The first section of the trail goes along a river valley followed by a narrow path up to mountain slopes. After 3 hours of hiking, the visitor will see the first panoramic scenery;The second half of the day follows the mountain slopes with beautiful panoramic views of the Lesser Caucasus.

After an overnight in theAmarati tourist shelter (1,900 m above sea level) the second-day route goes along subalpine and alpine meadows up to the highest peak of Sametskhvareo Mountain (2,642 m), afterwards it goes down 19 km. You will go through Mountain Iron Cross, where there was erected an iron cross according to legend. The third day hiking ends at Sakhvlari tourist shelter (1,025 m above sea level). The last day route follows the river valley and is the easiest one.

It is possible to add one overnight in Kvazvinevi ranger shelter or tents/

#2 St. Andrew trail ends at the Marelisi guard station.

Tentative schedule:

Day 1: Atskuri guard station – Amarati tourist shelter 16 km. on average 6-7 hr., overnight in tourist shelter or tents

Day 2: Amarati tourist shelter – Sametskhvario guard shelter 9 km. on average 4-5 hr., overnight in tourist shelter or tents (with two beds)

Day 3: Sametskhvario guard shelter – Sakhvlari tourist shelter 19 km. On average 7 hr., overnight in tourist shelter or tents

Day 4:  Sakhvlari tourist shelter – Marelisi guard shelter 10 km. on average 4-5 hr.

Photo Gallery

Hypsometric Map



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