3. Panorama trail

If you decide to travel on the trail, at first it is necessary to register at the Visitor Center

/ 34 km, 2 days, pedestrian and horse riding, difficulty: hard /

Main attractions: bezoar goat cage, mixed forest of national park, panoramic views of Lesser Caucasus, Mount Amarati

Circular trail starts and ends at Atskuri guard station, 27 km away from national park visitor center.

The length of the trail is 34 km. it starts at Atskuri guard station in 1 km. You will come across the bezoar goat cage. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park has a bezoar goat reintroduction project since 2006. The main purpose of the mentioned cage is to multiply this previously extinct animal and put it back in the national park. 20 min away from the bezoar goat cage the route goes left to a narrow path which goes up to a mountain slope. After 3 hours the route offers amazing views. The panorama trail is remarkable for its exceptional biodiversity and for its views of coniferous forests. Visitors will see footprints of animals such asroe, bear and wolf. There are shepherd’s summer cabins near the tourist shelter where you can find out about the lifestyle of the shepherds. The next-day trail continues to a panoramic trail which is exceptionally beautiful. The next-day trip is relatively long though the path goes mostly down. On the way you can visit the summer cabins of local shepherds.

Tentative schedule                                            

Day 1: Atskuri guard station – Amarati tourist shelter 16 km. on average 6-7 hr., overnight in tourist shelter or tents

Day 2: Amarati tourist shelter - Atskuri guard station 18 km. on average 6-7 hr.


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