Black Rock Lake

/ 48 km, 3 days, horseback, difficulty: average /

This is one of the most interesting trails in all of Georgia and is distinguished by its astounding views of the Alazani valley and the Caucasus mountains. The route starts from the Lagodekhi Protected Areas Administration. In 10-15 min you will come across unique hornbeam stands (400-600 m above sea level) which are rather rare in the Caucasus.

In 30-40 min we will cross river Lagodekhi valley. While in 20-30 min we enter young virgin hornbeam stands, which grew as a result of a wind-break (1933). In 15-30 min we come across to the local Kakhetianendemi plant – LeotnicesmirnoviiTrautv., which flourishes during early spring and is included in the Red List. In 30 min we get to the beginning of the ridge in untouchable beech stands.  In an hour we go up the hill 1,300 m above sea level and go along Kochalo hill, were we can observe beech forest on the north and mixed, broad-leaved forest on the south-east. In 2 hours you will appear in a sub-alpine zone – high hill, shallow maple stands. In an hour you will see the tourist shelter Meteo, picnic and camping sites specially arranged along the area. On the second day we continue our trip on Kochalo hill. In an hour we go up to the upper alpine, where visitors can observe rare ungulate animals such as: deer, chamois and wild goat; as well as birds such as grouse, Caucasian snowcocks, bearded and various eagles. In an hour we go up the pass to the so-called Demidovi ruins, which are famous for a fiefdom of goats. Afterwards we appear on relatively flat alpine meadows which represent pastures for goats. In the following 40 minutes we come across little lakes and wetlands embroidered by the magic of nature from the glacial age. In 30 minutes Black Rock Lake spreads in front of us. Magic nature changes in front of the visitor 400-3,500 m above sea level, and in the case of a careful walk one can meet rare representatives of fauna. Visitors can move by horses, rest on specially arranged picnic spots, overnight in tents and rent appropriate equipment. It is remarkable that Black Rock Lake represents a natural border between Georgia and Daghestan, the Russian Federation.

First Day - from the administrative center to the tourist shelter. Distance - 11.5 km, 1,350 m. above sea level.

Second Day – from the tourist shelter to the lake and back. Distance - 25 km, 900 m. above sea level.

Third Day - travelling from the shelter back to the administration building. Distance - 11.5 km., 1,350 m. above sea level.

The tourist shelter canaccomodate 16 individuals.

Before contacting the tourist guides for planning and organizing tours, please contact theVisitor Service:


Tel: 577 10 18 90, E-mail:

Tour Guides:  

  • RevazShikhashvili  -  +995 555 55 63 15
  • GiorgiKavtlishvili - +995 593 94 21 91
  • VitalyLekiashvili - +995 593 33 59 30
  • GiorgiAladashvili - +995 557 00 45 15

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