Okatse Canyon Trail

 / 6km, 2-3hr, pedestrian, simple /


Main sightseeing: Dadiani forest park, ruins of Dadiani castle, Church, Okatse Canyon, hanging cliff trail, panoramic view, bird watching and viewing endemic plants.


The route starts from the visitors center of Okatse Canyon, which is located in the village of Gordi. 2300 m long stone paved path crosses the historical forest park of Dadiani and leads to the Okatse Canyon checkpoint, where the 780 m long hanging cliff trail starts. One have to go dawn 989 steps of metal stairs. The cliff trail ends with the 20m long panoramic view, where it is possible to take selfie. 645m long stone paved path goes from the cliff trail to the checkpoint. 


It is possible to drive from the visitor center to the checkpoint by car.


There is a café, souvenirs shop, lockers and car park in the visitors center.