Ispani 2


/ 500 m, 2 hrs, pedestrian, difficulty: easy /

The path goes from the entrance of the protected area to the bird watching tower. Visitors go via the so-called “Smekalovka Channel”, and if they look closely, they will be able to notice a blue-coloured bird called the Kingfisher. If you are lucky, you may come across rare wetland turtles, whose home is here. On the way to the sphagnum dome, you will see information boards which tell about the uniqueness of the protected area, flora and fauna, local climate and Ispanibronze age archeological settlement remains as well as a profiled diagram of the spaghnum dome. For birdwatching lovers (this area is protected by the RamsarConvention) it is possible to rent binoculars, especially in spring and autumn, which is the best period for observing migratory birds.

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