Drosera Trail

/ 1 km, 3 hrs, pedestrian, difficulty: easy / 

The trail starts from the entrance of the protected area and goes along the right side of “Smekalovka Channel” for 100 m. The Managed Reserve starts after a wetland field, where one will go through domes created by sphagnum. On these domes grow several sphagnum species such as pontic rhododendron, Yellow Azalea and dwarf shrubs. Visitors can walk on the sphagnum carpet which is the reason for warm and mild climate in Kobuleti. It is a species which protects adjacent areas from flooding (it can absorb in water 25 times its weight). Due to the white moss dominance there is an acidic environment. While strolling between domes you will come across a plant which exists only in an acidic environment and has a special feature - eating insects; this plant is called sundew or drosera.


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