Big Viewpoint Trail












  • Length: 10 km;
  • Surface: only few meters on asphalt, rest of the road is dirt road;
  • Difficulty: Easy, ideal for beginner around River Gldanula.        

The trail starts from the central starting point, follows the old road that has not been functioning since 1974 and goes a little bit uphill. The road continues toward Didveli, where there is a spring 3.5 km from the central starting point. In 200 m from here there is a crossroad 1/A, which descends toward Gldani bridge.  

After passing Village Gldani the road continues straight toward the so-called iron cross, from where there is a beautiful panoramic view of Tbilisi. Then the trail descends near Gldani bridge and goes along left bank of the River Gldaniskhevi. After passing 3 km from the bridge it is necessary to cross the river Gldaniskhevi in order to end the circular route.  

Hypsometric Map