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/ 1 km, 3 hrs, pedestrian, difficulty: easy /

Main attractions: Tusheti Protected Areas Administration and Visitor Centre, scenic viewpoint.

The visitor centre is located in village Kvemo Omalo. In 100 meters from the board protected area signboard is situated the administrative complex of Tusheti Protected Areas – one of the most beautiful buildings in the area. The place is surrounded with pine trees. To the east from the visitor centre there is a scenic viewpoint with a breathtaking panoramic view. You can see several villages from there, such as: Kumelaurta, Tsokalta, Chiglaurta and Khakhabo.  

Visitors will get information in visitor center about natural and cultural sightseeing of Tusheti Protected Areas. The center staff will assist in planning tours, booking hotels, hiring cars and horses. Visitor centre offers a cafeteria and well-furnished rooms. If desired it is possible to rent equipment (tents, binoculars, mountain bikes) and use the arranged camping space.

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