Chachuna Protected Areas


Chachuna Managed Reserve is located in the extreme southeastern part of Georgia, Dedoplistskaro municipality and runs along 70 km length on the riv. Iori banks.

Visitor Center: Dedoplistskaro, Baratashvili Street #5

The territory is famous for floodplain ecosystems, arid light forests, semi-deserts, steppe plants and offers hiking, educational and bird watching tours.  Amateur sport fishing is also possible.

You can hire or plan

  • Tent: 10Gel
  • Sleeping bag: 5 Gel
  • Camping mat: 3 Gel
  • Backpack: 5Gel
  • Campsite: Per person - 5 Gel
  • Sportfishing – 5 Gel

Notice: the daily fishing limit is 15 kg if the caught fish weight is more than 15 kg, it is prohibited to catch more fish)

You can enjoy tours the whole year-round

  • The best period for birdwatching: spring (April, May) and autumn (October, November)
  • The best period for sport fishing: April - July
  • The blooming period of endemic plants (Georgian iris, Eichlertulip): April-May
  • Ripening period of mastic tree fruit: September-November


  • Single room,Chachuna Managed Reserve: 15 Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel
  • Double room:  25 Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students:  15 Gel

For more information please contact
NodarTeteloshvili, Director,Tel: 577 10 18 11;E-mail: