Kintrishi Protected Areas

Kintrishi Protected Areas are located in Kobuleti municipality, Autonomous Republic of Achara. Administration Building is situated in Kobuleti and Visitor Center is located in village Tskhemvani, 24 km from Administration Building.

Administration Building: Kobuleti, Leselidze street #4
Visitor center: village Tskhemvani, Kobulety municipality

Kintrishi Protected Areas are distinguished by relict forests and endemic plants. The territory can offer various complexity 2 marked and comfortable routes for visitors. There are 1 day route “Tamar arch bridge and Box-tree Stand” and 2 days route “Yew and Lake Tbikeli”


You can hire:


  • Tent: 10Gel
  • Camping mat: 3Gel
  • Sleeping bag: 5 Gel
  • Backpack: 5Gel
  • Horse service: per person - 35 Gel; Price for pupils, professional colleges and university students - 20 Gel
  • Picnic area: 1 Picnic table - 15 Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel
  • Camp site: Per person - 5 Gel


You can enjoy the tour “Tamar arch bridge and Box-tree Stand” whole year around. Tourist route: “Yew and Lake Tbikeli”: April-November


From village Tskhemvani to Khino Visiting is possible only by off road vehicle.

Tourist shelter, village Tskhemvani: Per person: 15Gel; Pupils, professional colleges and university students: 10 Gel


For more information, please contact:
Nana Noghaideli, Visitor Service specialist
Tel: 577 59 21 12, E-mail: