Okatse Canyon Visitor Centre

Okatse Canyon's visitor centre is located in village Gordi, Khoni municipality


  • From Tbilisi to Okatse canyon 260 km (4 hr by car)
  • From Kutaisi to Okatse canyon 42 km (1 hr by car)

Travel by public transport:

  • Minibus leaves every day from Didube bus terminal to Kutaisi (10 Gel,  hr);
  • Minibus leaves from Ninoshvili str. Market in Kutaisi to Gordi every day (4 Gel, 1 hr)

Contact persons:

Zaal Kvantaliani, Director of Imereti Caves Protected Areas Administration
Tel.: 577 10 18 06, E-mail: zkvantaliani@apa.gov.ge

Lika Kalmakhelidze, Ecotourism Specialist, Head office
Tel.: 577 90 72 72, E-mail: info@apa.gov.ge


X - 296721 Y - 4703378


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