Batsara-Babaneuri Protected Areas Visitor Centre

Batsara-Babaneri Protected Areas currently does not have well-arranged visitor center and exhibition hall, however administration is operating and is located in Akhmeta, Chavchavadze str. N105.


  • From Tbilisi to Akhmeta through Gurjaani – 180 km. Through Gombori – 130 km. Please note that Gombori road is closed in winter due to heavy snow.

Visit in Batsara-Babaneuri Nature Reserve is allowed for educational, non-manipulative scientific research and monitoring purposes.

Travel by public transport:

  • Minibuses leave every day from Ortachala and Navtlughi bus terminal to Akhmeta (6-7 Gel, 2 hr);
  • Private taxi leaves everyday from Metro Isani Territory to Akhmeta (10 Gel, 1 hr and 30 min);
  • Batsara Nature Reserve is 25 km away from Akhmeta. Relocation is possible by minibus or private taxi  (minibus - 2 Gel, private taxi  - 15-20 Gel, 30 min);
  • Babaneuri Nature Reserve is 20 km away from Akhmeta. Relocation is possible by minibus or private taxi (minibus – 1.5 Gel, private taxi  - 10-15Gel, 30 min);
  • Minibus leaves from Telavi through Alaverdi straight to village Babaneuri (2 Gel, 45 min);
  • Ilto Managed Reserve is 40 km away from Akhmeta. Relocation is possible by off-road vehicle. You can apply to protected area administration for hiring a vehicle.

Contact person:

Giorgi Simonishvili, Director of Batsara-Babaneuri Protected Areas Administration
Tel: 595 50 80 55; Email:

Natia Andghuladze, Ecotourism Specialist, Central Office
Tel: 577 90 72 72, Email:



X - 517378 Y - 4653386

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