Martvili Canyon




Martvili Canyon Natural Monument is located in Martvili municipality, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

Visitor center: Village Inchkhuri

700 m long stone paved circular route starts from Martvili Canyon visitor center and crosses the Dadiani historical trail. There are 2 bridges, 3 platform views and historical 30 steps stair constructed by large limestone boulders.

Visitors can enjoy 300 meter boat tour on river Abasha and beautiful views of mountain river canyon.


Entrance fee:

  • Georgian citizen and resident – 9 Gel
  • Student and pupil – 5 Gel
  • Foreign citizen – 15 Gel
  • Boat service: 1 person - 13 Gel


Additional Service:

  • Civil marriage ceremony – 100 Gel  

Working hours: 10:30 –  17:00

Working days: every day except Mondays 



  • Due to visitors' safety boat tour is not allowed in rainy and snowy weather
  • You can enjoy tours whole year round. Active season lasts from April to October
  • While visiting boating route, visitor height must be more than 1meter
  • Visitors participate in rowing the boat
  • It is possible to place 6 people in the boat
  • You are recommended to be casually dressed, wear sport shoes.


For safety of visitors and maintenance of the Natural Monument following activities are not allowed while moving on the trail:

  • Use trail after the working hours
  • Climb, sit and lean upon the banister
  • Run and Jump on the trail, bridges and viewpoints
  • Load bridges and viewpoints with more than 10 people at a time
  • Allow children under 14 unattended to use the trail
  • Use the trail being influenced by alcohol
  • Get out of the boat during the tour
  • Enter the navigable route without safety vest
  • Litter
  • Damage nature and infrastructure
  • Gather natural and cultural materials
  • Make noise
  • Gather or dig up plants
  • Smoke
  • Bring pets
  • Carry a gun
  • Move by bicycles and motorbikes
  • Swimming
  • Fishing


For more information, please contact

Ani Tsikarishvili, visitor service specialist, Tel: 595 80 54 55; E-mail: