Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Additional Sightseeing of the Region

The following historical and cultural monuments can be found in the vicinity of Borjomi Kharagauli National Park:

  • Mtsvane (Green) Monastery – is located 8 km away from Borjomi, in village Chitakhevi and represents 9th  century active monastery. In order to get to the monastery, it is necessary to take the course in the direction of Akhaltsikhe. 1,200 m from the central road can be covered either by foot or by car. Photo Gallery
  • Likani Monastery – is located 7 km away from Borjomi, in Likani settlement. It represents VII–IX century basilica with three naves. In order to reach the monastery it is necessary to go in the direction of Likani from Borjomi. It is located in 2 km from national park sign on the central road. 
  • Vardzia – is located in Aspindza Municipality, 110 km away from Borjomi. It represents XII-XIII century city carved in the rocks. In order to reach Vardzia you must take the course toward Akhaltsikhe, and from Akhaltsikhe to Aspindza. You need 1-2 hours see the monument completely Photo Gallery
  • Rabat – is located in the town of Akhaltsikhe, 50 km away from Borjomi. It represents IX century fortress in the historical district of Akhaltsikhe, called Rabat, which is considered a symbol of tolerance. You can see hundred meters apart a Christian church, Jewish synagoge and Muslism mosque. In 2012 Rabat fortress underwent a restoration and nowadays, by its area, it is the largest fortress in Georgia. Photo Gallery
  • Sapara – is a monastery in Akhaltsikhe Municipality, 60 km away from Borjomi. It dates back to X century. In order to reach Sapara, you must go toward Akhaltsikhe, and from Akhaltsikhe to the south there is a gravel road leading to Sapara. It is only possible to drive in a lightweight vehicle to Sapara in good weather. 
  • Timotesubani – it is located in Borjomi Municipality, 17 km away from the centre of Borjomi and represents XII-XIII century church, which was built with the support of Shalva Akhaltsikheli. You can also find homes carved in the inaccessible rocks, which presumably have been built during medieval times. In order to reach Timotesubani, you have to drive toward the direction of Bakuriani and turn toward Timotesubani village in the centre of Tsaghveri borough. Photo Gallery
  • Chule Monastery – it is located in Adigeni Municipality, 75 km away from Borjomi. It represents XIV century St. George domed church. In order to reach Chule Monastery, you must take the direction toward Akhaltsikhe, and from Akhaltsikhe to the west to Adigeni. It is accesible by any means of transportation.