Kobuleti Protected Areas

Kobuleti Protected Areas are located in Kobuleti municipality, Autonomous Republic of Adjara and include Kobuleti Strict Nature Reserve and Kobuleti Managed Reserve. The territory is unique in its sphagnum swamps.

Visitor centre:  Leselidze street #4, Kobuleti

On the pedestrian tourist routes at 3 easy bird watching and eco-educational tours, visitors have the opportunity to take photos of white and yellow water-lilies, 4m length domes of white moss, carnivorous drosera and swamp tortoise. It is also possible to rent skis and walk along with sphagnum peat.

You can hire:

  • Conference hall (15 persons): 35 Gel
  • Swamp walking skis: 2Gel
  • Binocular: 1 hr – 2 Gel

The tourist season lasts from May to October

  • The best period for bird watching: spring (April) and autumn (October).
  • It is possible to see Carnivorous “Drosera” from May to October



Single room at visitor center, Kobuleti: October-June: 20Gel; July-September: 30Gel;

Double room at visitor center, Kobuleti:  October-June: 30Gel; July-September: 45Gel;

For more information, please contact

თამარ გოგიტიძე,ვიზიტორთა მომსახურების სპეციალისტი, ტელ: 577 10 18 97
ელ-ფოსტა: tamar7gogitidze@gmail.com