Imereti Caves Protected Areas Administration


/ Established in 1935 / 

Visitors Service Specialist: Beto Mikadze (Prometheus Cave) Tel: 577 10 14 17


Visitors Service Specialist: Mirza Kenchadze (Sataplia) Tell: 595 08 60 59



Facebook: Imereti Caves Protected Areas Administration
Address: Imereti, village Banoja

Complex protected area – Imereti Caves Protected Areas is located is west side of Georgia, Imereti region and includes four municipalities – Tskaltubo, Khoni, Terjola and Tkibuli.

The total area of Imereti Caves Protected Areas amounts to 504.6 ha and includes Sataplia Nature Reserve (330 ha), Sataplia Managed Reserve (34 ha), Promethe Cave Natural Monuments (46.6 ha) and 17 Natural Monuments. Administrative building is located in Sataplia Managed Reserve. Here is administered Imereti Caves Protected Areas.

The administrative building is located on the territory of the Satapliya. Out of Imereti Region Protected Areas is being administered.

Remarkably, Imereti Caved Protected Areas Administration has one of the most well-arranged infrastructure on Sataplia Managed Reserve and Promethe Natural Monument.

Sataplia Managed Reserve Infrastructure includes visitors center, conservation building of dinosaur footprint, exhibition hall, glass panoramic view-point, cafes, souvenir shops, well-arranged cave and marked trails. Visitors can observe fossilized dinosaur footprints, karst caves, rock trail, Colchis forest, panoramic viewpoints.

Promethe Cave infrastructure includes visitors center and well-arranged cave. Visitors have an opportunity to observe the cave on foot as well as by boat.


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